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There are a few times in my steps I found myself in Yaounde. Those who follow me for a long now know I’m not really a fan of this city. But I still appreciate a little more, short stays that I rarely happens (lol). And that is how I was able to live a very simple but nice stay in Yaounde. My steps took me in very simple and cheap corners.

Yaoundé By Night

While touring the city, the first area that we decided to let me know just arrived in Yaounde at 22 hours is “Paradise”. A snack bar located somewhere in Essos (if I’m not mistaken), with much of the bar-dancing moods than anything.

Since I had traveled in a bus of VIP Travel Buca transportation agency, excessively conditioned to fall again in the cool of Yaounde, this does not make me wrong to find myself in a warm corner for boiling return to a normal temperature. Meanwhile, for those who say that my steps are for the “bobos” (for the wealthy), you can see that I adapt to everything lol. And as someone said, I’m not me Bobo. Where we want to take me, I’m leaving, provided this is good :-).

Les Marches d'Elodie - Snack - Yaounde

Since I arrived late, still dragging bags with whom I had traveled, fatigue was starting to feel, not to extend the output. I was exhausted. It was only the next day that the steps could resume.

I had already warned my time preparing everything that interested me was to discover a pizza corner. I love pizza, I do not even know why lol! Anyway … The next day, I was directly offered to make me discover the Alfresco pizzeria Bastos. But having given my early evening for personal visits, we were not sure of being able to find the pizzeria still open when I finally libérais … At 10:10 p.m.. Knowing that Bastos is a residential area and that in some areas you can not make noise beyond a certain time, we started to look for an alternative option for pizza. Braised chicken … 

At Bastos…

I had heard of Platinuim. Despite the misgivings and warnings received over the place, I’m still stubborn to want to discover the “seen Alfresco place became less and less likely. We went to Platinum so I could have the braised chicken. a snack always located Bastos, at the Meka Laboratory, and as we had told me … It was a disappointment. cramped space, very limited meal card service a bit nonchalant … we not have stayed. and so we still decided to return to the first choice of pizza and we still decided to finally get to Alfresco, always Bastos.

Finally à Alfresco Pizzeria…

Alfresco Pizzeria - Yaoundé

Alfresco Pizzeria – Credit Photo: Dorly Ndassa


Good surprise, at 22:30, the place is still open and still welcomes guests. The setting is pleasant, garden, pool, boucareaux, all plunging oddly in a relaxing setting. A trendy sound animation but with soft pop and alternative rnb. As against what I like least is the small side overlooked the corner where we had to move. The table had not been cleared and it showed that the worn tables handkerchiefs abandoned on the table were there for quite a while and seemed to be the concern of the waitresses. He had to ask the waitress we could call 10 minutes later to clean the table by bringing us menus. That’s for the downside.

Rated positive thing … 2nd (after the place look) … Prices! I was pleasantly surprised to discover a pizza menu with prices between 3000 CFA to 4000 CFA francs for pizzas 8 shares. In Douala, I think the average price with the same number of shares is between FCFA 5000 and FCFA 7000. And the biggest (12 parts), 7 000 CFA to 12,000 CFA francs. We opted for a Regina Pizza at 3 500 CFAF. And all accompanied by a half Orange juice jug to 1500 CFA francs for me. The service is quick. We had our pizza in 10 minutes maximum. By cons, about the waitress, I would say that there is still enough work to do. 

Alfresco Pizzeria

In conclusion…

We left the scene at 23:30. The pizza itself was good. By cons, to 3500 FCFA pizza, you do not really full. We found a majority of customers responsible age (between 30 and 40 years on average). And finally, I will give an overall rating of 6.5 / 10 to the place. This mainly due to the negligence of the waitresses. Our table was not cleaned at our facility and it took you spend 10 minutes sitting before it can be cleared when it could stop a waitress to take care of us. So overall, it was not top-level service, but it was good at the product itself or the products offered.

Menu Afresco Pizzeria Yaounde - Les Marches d'Elodie

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