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One of the few outdoor terraces for dining in Douala

The Star Land Hotel has quickly become among the most popular hotels in the city of Douala. Already known for its service rooms, meeting room rental and catering mostly on the ground floor and as proposed buffet, terrace outdoor side – and it’s my opinion – still seems to still have some trouble to be exploited. But yet…


Star land Accueil

Recently I was invited to dinner at the Star Land terrace. And for the curious, I will not say with who I was this time (sorry to disappoint you Vanessa aka Bri Loves Music ;-)) … I thus found at 9pm crossing the mini detector barrier metals at the entrance to the hotel. A few minutes later, we climbed the steps to the outdoors at the 4th floor of the hotel. We were in the week so it was not really surprising to see the space empty. We were the only clients and we would remain so throughout the evening. It was not the first time I came to the outdoors of this hotel, in fact I also speak about it here. But every time I am there, it is always and above all a sense of calm that comes over me with the sweet freshness in the hills of Douala and the view of the lights of this part of Bonapriso, residential area.

A relaxing environment

To start the evening, I wanted to test their Mojito but the server told us that it was not possible at the moment. I do not remember the reason he mentioned, but I folded over a glass a Bailey’s and the person with me, an alcoholic cocktail. Meanwhile we ordered room: a Wok chicken for me with fried plantains and Mix Grill (chicken meat and fish) with a cream sauce and potato chips for the person with me.

  Terrasse Dîner Wok - Star Land Hotel  Terrasse Dîner Wok Poulet - Star Land Hotel - Les Marches d'Elodie

I will not dwell on the evening but it was very good. These mild climate, altitude, quiet places, that feeling of having all the space to ourselves alone, without carelessness… We were so in our bull that we were not even aware of the time passing, being immersed in our discussions. The meal was almost excellent, and it is also with some regret that I did not finish it. I give it a rating of 4/5, I really enjoyed it. The evening was so nice that despite the hours turned, we still wanted to take over a bottle of wine at the end of the meal to try to extend that time. And it is at 00.30am dinner and the evening was completed after the server has reminded us twice that his service was already finished before we finally decide to leave. Taxis from the hotel were absents, but the guards were nice enough to call me a taxi race that brought me back home without worries.

             Terrasse Dîner Mix Grill Poulet Viande Poisson - Star Land Hotel  Terrasse Dîner Mix Grill - Star Land Hotel - Les Marches d'Elodie

In conclusion… It was a beautiful evening in a gentle atmosphere, quiet and discreet. Excellent meal! Very good company and very good service and very patient (thanks to the server). As for the price, I could not tell you what the dinner all costs but it took between 7 000 Fcfa and 12 000 CFA francs for the price of each of our dishes. Personally it would be an experience to be repeated, much for the Wok dish and the cool surroundings of this terrace.

Terrasse Dîner Wok - Star Land Hotel - Les Marches d'Elodie

Terrasse et Vin - Star Land Hotel - Les Marches d'Elodie

As you have noticed, I did not think of taking pictures of the frame itself, if I go back to the premises in the meantime, I could do an upgrade of photos from the terrace.

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