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The Cameroonian artist Mboko Lagriffe: Art scratched in the air

More known as Mboko Lagriffe, this visual artist of Cameroonian origin is the pride of the country in his field of predilection. And for good reason, as he says so well on his blog, to have “A flying work that travels the world, for an artist it’s like who would say … Planer!”. And how! Signing an (artistic) work on Boing 737 that travels the world is quite unusual. Yet he did so by being the first winner of the Wings of African Art 2016 competition organized by Royal Air Maroc in Marrakech on 16 November 2016.


Photo Credit: Steve Mvondo

mboko lagriffe avion signature

Photo Credit: Jean-Charles Dayot

About the “Wings of African Art” Contest


This initiative aims to celebrate African history and culture, symbolizing a dynamic, responsible and forward-looking Africa. A selection committee composed of experts in the field of Art, therefore designates ten artists on the basis of their artistic background and their notoriety. The works that will dress the aircraft will be chosen by a Grand Jury of professionals from the world of the arts as well as by the vote of the public. It is therefore at the end of this competition that Pemeyeke Desire Marie aka Mboko Lagriffe, will be chosen as First Prize Winner of this competition.


Photo de Daniel Danel

About Mboko Lagriffe

The artist expresses his vision and inspiration in these words: “My Africa is rich, very rich, colorful, cheerful and inventive!” My Africa inspires me and nourishes the whole world. Stands out in spite of the obstacles on the way to its growth and the numerous challenges to be met”. 


It is thus that Mboko Lagriffe can be proud and happy to see its work for the airline Royal Air Maroc, travel around the world, on a network serving more than 80 destinations in Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America and the Middle East. 


Recognized by his paintings exhibited in Cameroon, Senegal, France, Switzerland, the USA and Guadeloupe, Mboko Lagriff also expresses his talent through painting, textile design, caricature and decoration. Having discovered it recently on Facebook, I admit that I had a big favorite for his mugs “scratched”. I recommend them as an end-of-year gift to your loved ones especially for those who are crossing the country.

    ffffff tasse-motif-africain-mboko-lagriffe-africa-is-beautiful tasse-motif-africain-mboko-lagriffe

   ffffff   tasse-motif-africain-jaune-bleur-mboko-lagriffe tasse-motif-africain-mboko-lagriffe-1

Facebook de Mboko Lagriffe.

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