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“500 000 FCFA for a project” for social initiatives in Cameroon

The Cameroonian and African Diaspora through the A Better Cameroon (ABC) and Power African Youth (PAY) Initiatives in the United States have decided to launch an initiative to support a project in Cameroon each month, amounting to 500,000 CFA francs.

“500 000 FCFA For A Projet”

You have an idea to solve a social problem in Cameroon, you are carrying an innovative project, submit it to and you will have a chance to win the monthly prize pool.

500 000 Fcfa pour un Projet - ABC A Better Cameroon and PAY Intiatives

Target Areas:

The most encouraged projects should include: Access to water, electricity, education, accident prevention, child health, promotion of agriculture, protection of the environment, famine , Fighting banditry …

To participate:

Here are some practical details related to the participation of the program “500.000F for a project”.
1- Send a one-page document containing the summary of your project (identified problem, proposed solution and activities) to
2- Present a detailed budget of the use of the funds received.
3- Send photos and a video of a minute or two maximum that presents you as well as the proofs of what you have already done or want to do.
4- The financing of 500,000F is non-refundable.
For this month the projects will be received until the 25th.

All I have to do is to wish you good luck ;-).

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