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A ride at La Go Beti, an ethnic restaurant in Yaounde

A ride at La Go Beti

On May 13th, the city of Yaoundé welcomed a new restaurant area. Located in the Essos district behind the famous bar Elise Bar, La Go Beti welcomed many guests for this opening day. I went there at 2pm and I confess that I was pleasantly surprised. The Almighty was blessed to bless the place but also to give advice to the leadership. Speaking of this team, 3 waitresses take care of the clients. They are smiling, clean and dynamic. To my surprise, I learn that it is a lady from the western region who concocts these Beti dishes. Why The Go Beti? Although this can be confusing it is a restaurant that offers dishes from the regions of Central, South and East. A glance at the list of menus makes me notice that I can enjoy Mbongo, Sangha, caterpillars called “Foss”, Mbol, Ndomba and other dishes at 1 000Fcfa only. 



I throw my sights on a dish of Sangha and with astonishing rapidity they bring me my dish. The price of the drinks is a minimum of 1 000f. Chilli, sugar and other seasonings are served separately. A dish of sangha full that I struggled to finish, it was well made not too much oil, not too much sugar, just what it takes. I accompany my dish with a fruit cocktail. The atmosphere is friendly and the other guests are unanimous “it is well prepared”. I can not quote all the dishes you can taste but the menu map will give you an idea on this plan. If you want to go for a walk, the restaurant La Go Beti is open from Monday to Saturday from 12am to 6pm.



Why an ethnic restaurant?

Ethnic restaurant is an appellation that was born in the United States with the appearance of restaurants fast food, Italian restaurant, Chinese restaurants etc. Next to its restaurants were Ethiopian, Ghanaian, and even Cameroonian African restaurants that the Americans called Ethnic Restaurant. More and more people are attracted to European restaurants, fast food, hamburgers, French fries or pizzas and turn away from national dishes. The Go Beti is a word game between the ” francanglais’ ” go ” which must ring to the ears of young people to challenge them to consume the traditional dishes of Cameroon and BETI.



Salma Amadore


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