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The “Surplace” service, a service dedicated to the delivery of your meals

The “Surplace Online” service, a service dedicated to delivery for your meals.

“Surplace” is the new meal delivery service in the city of Yaoundé (for now). Already in partnership with some restaurants of the city. In the surroundings which is also the name of the startup at the initiative of this project seems to be specialized in the provision of necessary means and resources to logistics management of orders and deliveries meal. In other words, this service manages all that is processing remote control and meal delivery.

Surplace Online Cameroun Yaounde


It’s time to break and you want to eat a good meal without having to move? Most often, in this kind of situation, you have only one solution available to you: to call a restaurant that includes delivery services when you place your order. Generally in this case, either the menu that offered you is not very varied, or you have to search the providers who cook what you want at that time.

Salade - partenaire Surplace

Ndole Crevettes - partenaire Surplace

With Surplace, you already have access to a restaurant network that allows you to find everything you want in one place, whether it be pizza, grilled meats, Cameroonian dishes and even fruit! That’s one point. As a result, your order (s) is (are) centralized, and all assembled into one delivery.

Roti Max Chicken - partenaire SurplacePizza Alfresco - partenaire Surplace

Drivers can easily identify themselves through their red uniforms with escutcheon on the left pocket of their shirts, their identification badges, and equipped with bags specific to the fast delivery of meals.

Capture - partenaire Surplace


For your orders: 655 55 66 36 / 683 35 83 35

Web site:

Facebook Page: Surplace

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