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The Corporate Awards Women in Leadership Summit

The Corporate Awards Women in Leadership Summit

In line with the first corporate awards in Cameroon, FabAfriq is organizing a women in leadership summit scheduled for the 8th of December 2016 at Pullman Hotel from 10:30 am.

Women’s contributions in decision-making positions are no longer discussed in terms of equality but in terms of effectiveness and value adding results, this is the reason why the summit is organised with a great line-up of women to discuss what works for them and how you can make it work for you.

The Corporate Award Women in Leadership Summit recognizes the innovator in women and seeks to encourage them to take the lead roles in the corporate world. Most often, discussions and analysis about women as leaders in business focus on directors, CEOs, and to a lesser extent, the ordinary employees. Targeting women from all walks of life, this initiative aims at guiding the women on best leadership practices that will impact career progression. It is all about the women kindling the dexterity in each other, sharing their experiences and strategies, and getting inspired by what others have done and are doing.

The time has come for women to explore and tap on their leadership potentials.

Please follow the link to register for FREE and be part of this great event

Corporate Awards Women in Leadership Summit - Official banner

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