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Late Night Interlude … At Murano Lounge Restaurant

As a prelude…

Two weeks ago I was invited by the Manager of “Murano Lounge – Restaurant” who proposed me to come and discover his space around a drink. I’d been there few months before with Nuvic the Planet Events‘ Manager, and I confess that the first time I stayed on my hunger. This invitation thus appeared as an opportunity to rebuild an impression, while knowing a little more about the place.

Murano Lounge Restaurant Douala - Les Marches d'Elodie

It was a Thursday, and it was much appreciated because I received a call from a very good friend of mine who came to find me in the office. This friend, Gabriel, also a responsible corporate investor in London and in his spare time, visited in Cameroon for a few days. We had nothing decided from the evening, so I offered him to go together to Murano, as it would be more interesting to go with him. Just time to prevent Samy, the Head of Murano we arrived and we sat on the road.

Le Lounge du Murano…

The room … A red felted lighting, which could do a little “kitsch” for some. The layout also played on red and black tones. At first, the room did not seem different from the last time I was there, but later it was Samy who pointed out to me that the Cabaret had been removed. This to develop the cozy and lounge side. Instead, two saloons a little higher than the rest, and a game of football projected on the side wall: this is where Gabriel wanted to be installed. At that moment Samy had not yet arrived, but we were already at ease. The waitress brought us the drinks card, Gabriel opted for a non-alcoholic cocktail + a fruit salad and me for a glass of Bailey’s. A few minutes when we received our drinks, Samy came to greet us and apparently the two young men already knew each other.


It was the first time that I met Samy, but the contact and the discussion were made naturally and directly we talked about space. This is where he also reminds us of the restaurant part and makes us discover the Tapas / FingerFoods menu available for the Lounge. Gabriel was very interested and directly ordered fish skewers with apple fries. While the waitress took our order to eat, another waiter had the presence of mind to ask Gabriel if he wanted to renew his order of drink having noticed that his glass was already empty. Apparently it was the Happy Hour, a drink purchased = a complimentary drink. And one thing that marked us was that the waiter had retained that Gabriel had taken a cocktail without alcohol. Little touches like this, but that personalizes the service and can easily facilitate customer loyalty.


         Murano Verre   Murano Soirée

The Extras…

Meanwhile ordering skewers, the waitress brought us pieces of bread and butter to wait. Besides it reminds me yesterday when I was at the restaurant Le Fouquet (always Akwa), a person with whom I was, asked for bread while waiting for our “Poulets DG” orders to arrive and the waitress replied that the bread was only meant for salad dishes. So on this detail, the Murano earns a good point.

        Murano FingersFood  Murano Tapas Menu

The food arrived and Gabriel loved them! He was so surprised by the taste that it intrigued me. I have tasted, and I admit that they are really good! We couldn’t almost not say it was fish, so soft and finely seasoned, in short… A special flavor. Samy went back to clients. I was surprised to meet Nuvic and his sister. We greeted each other and we talked a few minutes. After Gabriel and I were plunged back into our discussions. I do not know how much was the bill, Gabriel took care of it :-). We spent just a half hour, since I had to return to the office.

Murano Fingers Food Table Murano Lounge Food - Les Marches D'Elodie

Pour conclure…

Overall, I enjoyed this little time at the Murano, but I do not know if I would stay there again. On the other hand:

  • Gabriel enjoyed it so much that he said he would come back only for those skewers there.
    Kitchen at the top!
  • We really have not been conquered by the red and black decoration of the room. A little too kitsch for our taste.
  • The DJ looked good, unfortunately it was when we left that his animation seemed more interesting.
  • The service was good overall, special mention to the waiter who renewed our orders for drinks. He was alert to the service.
  • I found the prices of drinks a bit high, but all depends on the target (which seems to be a little more young executives, young business managers and “mbenguists”.
  • Samy, the manager seemed to me sympathetic, very posed and especially available.


Happy Hours - Murano Lounge Restaurant Douala

The Murano is located after the glacier N’Ice Cream at Akwa. It is open from 6pm to 2am. And there are Happy Hours, Monday through Thursday, from 18h to 20h, with 1 drink bought = 1 free drink. The thursdays’ Afterworks have a little more festive atmosphere while approaching the weekend. The Murano is where was the cozii, which I spoke HERE.

So for those who want to grant a break before returning homefrom the output of the job, the Murano is a nice alternative. It’s quite cozy, comfortable with a nice atmosphere. By cons, we were there during the week, I do not know what is the mood there over the weekend. But if you’re already gone there, do not forget to leave a comment to give your impressions.

Murano Lounge Restaurant Douala - Before Club - Les Marches d'Elodie

Murano Lounge Douala - Before Club

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