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“The DIFFERENT Collection” of OZI International, by ANYI Asonganyi


I introduce you Anyi Ansongayi, a young Cameroonian woman, founder and promoter of the OZI INTERNATIONAL brand and a rising figure of Fashion and Beauty in Cameroon.




Some time ago, Anyi unveiled his latest collection of clothes called “The DIFFERENT Collection” (the DIFFERENT Collection). According to its promoter, this collection aims to clearly highlight and show the difference of customers wearing OZI brand coins.




ozi-collection-2016-2017-robe-jeans  ozi-collection-2016-2017


“The vision behind the creation of every piece at OZI is to ensure our clients clearly stand out in this world of today where originality is fast becoming a thing of the past.
We make you look different, we make the difference clear.
If it’s different, it’s OZI.” – Anyi Asongayi, Founder & Promoter of OZI International.





Personally I like the flashy and daring side that brings out this collection. And you? Would you wear one of his pieces? If yes, which one?




Pour Commander /To order (Appel & WhatsApp / Call & WhatsApp): 

+237 679 19 36 30 


Facebook: OZI International

Photos: Asonganyi Pictures

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