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Contest “Villages of Cameroon” (#Wikivillages)


#Wikivillages Is a contest of encyclopedic writing on the theme of villages in Cameroon, organized from 20 May to 20 November 2016 AGRIPO (Professional Farmers of Cameroon) – whose headquarters are in Tayap (Nyong-et-Kelle).Two of the ten regions of Cameroon is predominantly English-speaking, participants can compete in French or English.

Through an open competition, the Cameroonian initiative – a pioneer in Africa – aims to give the villages their rightful place in the “largest encyclopedia in the world” by encouraging the creation of new articles and upload new images, in strict compliance with the rules of Wikipedia (neutrality, production of solid sources …) and Commons (royalty-free images …).

The aim of this competition is:
– Promoting knowledge of the country by disseminating information documented on Cameroonian villages
– To fight against the digital isolation of their communities
– Allowing the past to communicate via internet on their development work and thus out of poverty.

The contest is open to all #WikiVillages, regardless of age, nationality, professional or geographic location of the participant. Several contributors can build a team around a single editor. Participants can write several articles but only items can be rewarded.
“What can you win? “
The contest has 5 main prizes in the form of a bank check.

  • First prize: one million CFA francs, or nearly 1 500 euros
  • Second prize: 250,000 CFA
  • Third prize: 200,000 CFA
  • Fourth prize: 150,000 CFA
  • Fifth prize: 100,000 CFA

A special prize will be awarded to the contributor who wrote the largest number of articles, provided they comply with the rules of Wikipedia.

NB : A la date du 13 mai 2016, Wikipedia dispose de 2 428 articles liés au Cameroun dont 80 sur les villages du pays en français, et 36 seulement en anglais. 
Platform for application: In case of temporary malfunction of the platform, to send name and surname; selected village; common; region ; contact email.

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